Priest Says Hell is Fake and Religion is Based on Control


With religion and the numerous church scandals taking place, many are already thinking twice about the concept. Now here comes the first Priest I have EVER seen that readily admits hell is a concept made up by the church to control people with religion. Imagine that?  Originally posted December 6, 2011.

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  1. There are evil fools among us all….just like this false prophet! He will soon find out just how wrong he is…???

  2. Sometimes, I think Hell is here…and we had have a life before, lost that life, and r now, not living, but paying through suffering, and not consciounsly knowing that we, r in hell already.

  3. It is most evident that this man has never been born again, nor has he ever received the holy spirit. Being born again is a genuine change that comes from within when you receive Christ and the Holy Spirit comes to dwell within you. You become a new creature in Christ, which is exactly how the Bible describes this experience. Until this happens in your life you are spiritually dead and you cannot see the truth. You spew lies and you make foolish statements that come straight from Satan himself. If a priest does not, or cannot relate to being born again, and he thinks it is just someting “we use to control people”, he has no spiritual knowledge and he is just another sly instrument of the devil, who is out to ” kill, steal and destroy us”. This is a perfect example of what the Bible means when it says that satan “comes as an angel of light.” He has arrived in this man, please do not believe him. Please pray to God that you want to receive Christ Jesus as your savior, and
    Through the power of his Holy Spirit you will, and can become born again, a “new creature”in Christ. Amen. Thank you God for all that you will save from the depths of hell, as they call on your name.

  4. This priests thoughts are from the pit of hell and he will know in his last day when his body receives its last breath how real hell is. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord


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