Pra Records to Release Randy Crawford & Joe Sample Live CD

 width=Randy Crawford and Joe Sample have been makingmusic together in one form or another for nearly 36 years.From their first hit together in 1979, “Street Life” (whichRandy sang with Joe and The Crusaders) to “One Day I’llFly Away,” “When Your Life Was Low” and “Last Nightat Danceland,” to their recent duo collaborations on theGRAMMY ®-nominated CDs Feeling Good (2006) and NoRegrets (2008), they’ve made music that people re-member. They remember the songs. They remember themelodies. But above all, they remember Randy’s incred-ible voice ““ and Randy’s voice is truly one of the mostmemorable of all the singers today.To hear Randy’s voice “live in concert” is another thingall together. “For years people have asked me why Idon’t release a live recording,” says Randy. “I’m notsure myself. But I’ve got one now, and I hope you are asthrilled as I am to hear it.”Recorded on tour in Europe with Joe on the piano joinedby his son Nicklas Sample on upright bass and theincomparable Steve Gadd on drums, LIVE is a true gem.The album contains Randy’s and Joe‘s classics “StreetLife,” “Almaz” and “One Day I’ll Fly Away,” as wellas choice tracks from their recent duo studio releasesFeeling Good and No Regrets ““ “Everyday I Have theBlues,” “Me, Myself and I” and Randy’s rendition of theEdith Piaf classic “No Regrets.”Randy shows – without a doubt – that she is one of today’s premier song stylists, and clearly stakes her claim asa jazz singer. Joe furthers his reputation as one of today’s most exciting piano players, knowing exactly when toaccompany and when to make the keys dance.The recordings are live exactly as they happened (across Europe over their last couple of tours together). Livemusic with live people.

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