PPM: Real 92.3 Creates Power (106) Outage.. KJLH and KTWV Improve.


LOS ANGELESRADIO RATINGS FOR SUBSCRIBING STATIONSAQH Share for Persons 6+, Mon-Sun 6AM-MidLooks like Power just had an outage as Real 92.3 (KRRL) makes a strong PPM impact on the market, here are the numbers for Feb 15, March 15 and April 15.

While the format is relatively new, overall Real 92.3 is a much needed fresh, more focused sound in LA, the flow of the station is excellent.

The general consensus is Power abandoned the hip-hop music community years ago and the local rappers even protested in front of the Emmis owned outlet in 2009 for their lack of support (see video below).

For those of us who have worked in the market we KNOW what the deal is. Power simply ignored the pleas of the local rap community for more support because they were the only game in town.

Looks like they may be rethinking that strategy now but the station needs help. They may surmise that Real is a new station in the market and the hype may die down with the numbers but we no think so. We see maja hit stacha.

In addition, I'm willing to bet Power is interviewing  a whole new slew of street team members to replace the others who were programming I mean proMOTING the station and actually living the lifestyle.  

Was that politically incorrect? In addition, Power lost their star player Big Boy to Real 92.3. and they have a new morning show. If you lost a 20 year star morning Radio DJ and you are in LA (programmers) what would you do?

Hire someone from another shift, a celebrity, a star from another market or call to see if KFC is hiring managers? Sure it's very early in the game but our bet is on Real. Congrats Doc and staff and thanks for bringing REAL radio back to LA.

We haven't seen it since the late 60s when Peaches and Herb were topping the charts. KUDOS to KJLH who has seen an improvement benefiting from Real 92's format shift from classic R&B, congrats on the 40th Anniversary as well.  

KTWV who just lost their chart reporting status (classic R&B format) but still continues to improve. Their format is also confusing but it's SO much better than Smooth Jazz, the station used to sound like they were programming to the county morgue. LA Radio is finally off life support.

 Subscriber FormatFEB 15MAR 15APR 15
KBIG-FMHot Adult Contemporary5.05.05.4
KIIS-FMPop Contemporary Hit Radio5.25.35.4
KRTH-FMClassic Hits5.15.05.2
KOST-FMAdult Contemporary5.25.14.9
KCBS-FMAdult Hits3.83.73.9
KSWD-FMClassic Rock3.73.93.9
KTWV-FMSmooth AC2.63.53.9
KAMP-FMPop Contemporary Hit Radio4.34.03.6
KLVE-FMSpanish Contemporary3.93.93.6
KFI-AMNews Talk Information3.43.53.4
KRRL-FMUrban Contemporary2.53.23.1
KNX-AMAll News3.13.12.9
KPWR-FMRhythmic Contemporary Hit Radio3.62.82.5
KLAX-FMMexican Regional2.52.32.4
KLYY-FMSpanish Adult Hits2.42.52.3
KPCC-FMNews Talk Information2.52.62.2
KRCD-FMSpanish Adult Hits2.32.22.2
KSCA-FMMexican Regional2.12.32.2
KLOS-FMAlbum Oriented Rock2.02.02.0
KBUE-FMMexican Regional2.02.21.7
KJLH-FMUrban Adult Contemporary1.21.31.5
KXOL-FMSpanish Hot Adult Contemporary1.91.71.5
KSSE-FMSpanish Contemporary1.41.21.3
KWIZ-FMSpanish Variety1.31.01.1
KDAY-FMRhythmic AC1.11.01.0
KSPN-AMAll Sports1.11.11.0
KLAC-AMAll Sports0.50.60.9
KFSH-FMChristian Adult Contemporary1.00.70.8
KRLA-AMNews Talk Information0.60.70.8
KABC-AMNews Talk Information0.60.50.5
KLAA-AMAll Sports0.10.10.3
KTNQ-AMSpanish News/Talk0.30.40.3
KFWB-AMAll Sports0.10.10.2
KPFK-FMNews Talk Information0.10.20.2