Possible V-103 shakeup: said goodbye to Joyce Littel but look who may be back in DC


Radio Facts: I have to admit, I too was wondering about all the strange moves at V103 and WPGC a few months back … were they testing things out? This article breaks it down fairly nicely. KevFor nearly two weeks, Joyce Littel was told that she would not be part of V-103’s Quiet Storm but what is the real reason?   Sure, we know that Joyce is the type of person to not pull a Conan and bash her  width=station as to why they fired her. In fact, Joyce is more likely to take the high road and promote her old station giving them credit for allowing her to pursue her company Littel Concepts. But, we went deeper inside the trenches, gathered speculation and came up with some possible scenarios.None of the information you are about to read has been confirmed by CBS Radio’s Reggie Rouse or Rick Caffey. Keep in mind that these are just educated guesses as to what is happening by a spectator.via [read more here]