Politician, Vernon Jones, Blocks Man on His Own Facebook Page, Man Sues, Wins $45,000?


So you are supposed to allow insults and disagreement to stay on your social media? Wonder how many politicians are not aware of this. Vernon Jones, a former DeKalb County House Representative, has been ordered by a federal judge to pay $45,652 for damages and legal fees to the man he blocked on his Facebook page.

vernon jones

After exchanging political opinions and comments in 2020, Jones removed Tomas Miko, a DeKalb County resident, from his Facebook page. Jones deleted Miko’s comments after the exchange.

Jones started his career as a Democrat, but he switched to the Republican party after he endorsed former President Donald Trump in 2021. He ran against Gov. Brian Kemp lost the Republican gubernatorial primaries in 2022. He also lost a bid for the U.S. House.

Miko filed a federal suit against Jones, alleging Jones deleted Miko’s comments to silence him.

In a ruling issued last year by U.S. District Judge Stephen Grimberg, it was deemed “viewpoint discrimination” when public figures block constituents’ social media profiles in order to prevent them from expressing opposing views. source

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