Radio Facts: The more I watch this fight over artists wanting to be paid for their music the less sense it makes. These artists are trying to say their songs helped make the radio station popular… to an extent, that’s somewhat true but the radio station made them MORE popular and usually, it’s the station that came first. I’m not the biggest fan of the state of urban radio right now, outside of all the economic woes, my greatest frustration is the overload of syndicated shows, but isn’t it the older Radio DJs like Tom Joyner who helped bring a resurgence to artists from the 70s and 80s? I have a friend who books acts and he confirmed that you would be shocked at who you can get for $3000.00. Tom made a killin’ with those shows (laugh).   Radio is just not responsible for putting food on the artist’s table, at least not in the form of money. Has the artist ever paid the station……OOPS.. NEXT SUBJECT (laugh). This is a fight that seems to incorporate older artists who are pretty much at the 5pm point of their careers. Shift complete. Someone pointed out why not just have all the artists sign an agreement, who wants to be paid and who wants free promotion…. that will take care of the problem immediately… Your thoughts in our new forum on the subject….

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