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97.1 The Ticket in Detroit Reveals Audacy’s Brand New Morning Show

Jim Costa and Jon Jansen to Host new Weekday Program in 2024 Audacy has announced a new weekday morning show for 97.1 The Ticket (WXYT-FM), the flagship radio station of the Detroit Lions. The station has elevated Jim Costa to new morning show host alongside...

Electro-Synth Odyssey: From Bangkok’s Lights to Koh Samui’s Waves (Music Video)

The debut single "KO" and video from LatinX and Los Angeles based cinematic electronic meets synth pop artist Sounds of Walker is out now.  The single was written on an hour-long sunset flight between Bangkok and Koh Samui, Thailand. He confides, "As I saw what seemed to be hundreds of tiny islands...




Meet 10 Future Radio Legends You Need to Know Now!

In radio, we are often moved by the final product on the airwaves that touch the listeners, and often we don’t get a chance to see the fresh faces that are making moves in the building, on and off the air. In this article, we want to highlight 10 people in radio that are Rising Stars and Future Radio Legends ... that you should know. Whether they become legends in radio or in the industry, time will tell but just know they are only scratching the surface of where they are going. [...]

Rick Party Talks to Radio Facts Reveals Childhood Challenge that led to his Success

Here's a vintage interview with industry vet and legend Rick Party. Enjoy Rick Party is a man I truly admire in the industry. He has left few stones unturned in his career and he continues to reach new highs and attempt to be better than he has ever been while many people his age appear to have lost their drive to thrive and have settled Rick goes the extra mile and takes great care of himself looking half his age and constantly reaching for the stars. [...]

“Radio’s Road Ahead” Featuring Toshamakia Acevedo

"Radio is not about winging it. You truly have to have a personality. You truly have to know HOW to connect." We have noticed something that is greatly lacking in the few surviving and relevant industry trades: Spotlights. Radio Facts would like to lead the way by introducing you to some of the industry's stars. We will be featuring various fresh-faced talent from this point on. Please meet Toshamakia Acevedo. How long have you been in radio?Wow! Well, radio was kind of an accident. [...]



10 Terrible Things you should NOT do at Starbucks…

There are certainly exceptions to every unspoken rule but all we ask is that you just be CONSIDER these things the next time you go to Starbucks. 1. Call someone on the cell phone to see what they want when it's your turn in line. Do that BEFORE your turn. 2. Bring your UNRULY children to HANG OUT in Starbucks. Consider... Most adults go to Starbucks to get AWAY from their children. 3. Apply your makeup in the only bathroom Now you can be proud that the three people waiting in line have kidney damage. 4. [...]

10 Rich Black Music Producers

We already gave you ten songwriters that should be getting a good check but now it's time to explore a few of the great music producers in the game that should be receiving a nice publishing check. There are so many ways to do a production deal so we really don't know how these producers are getting paid but we do know their publishing checks should be on point based on their collaborations and placements. With that being said, let's get it! 10. [...]

Top 10 Legacy Singers: Black Male R&B Groups From the 90s

1. New Edition Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike, Ralph, and Johnny, collectively known as New Edition is definitely one of the best groups to ever hit the stage. If you haven't seen them on tour, I highly recommend you attend one of their shows. Although they were relevant just as much in the '80s as they were in the '90s, NE found new adulthood fame once they added Johnny Gill to the group and Bobby left the group.As a testament to their talent, Ralph was able to have a solo career and Bobby Brown had an explosive solo career. [...]