Omarosa Gets into it with Clay Cane on SiriusXM, Calls him a Bitch


Omarosa Gets into it with Clay Cane on SiriusXM, Calls him a Bitch

TV personality and former political aide Omarosa Manigault got into a heated exchange with SiriusXM’s Clay Cane discussing her book, Unhinged, April Ryan, and helping the African American community. Transcript below. Source: SiriusXM and SiriusXM’s The Clay Cane Show, Clay Cane – Does Omarosa Want to Help Black People?

AUDIO: https://soundcloud. com/siriusxm/clay-cane-doesnt-believe-that-omarosa-wants-to-help-black-peopleClay Cane: I don’t believe you. I don’t believe that you went in there saying you were going to help, thinking you were going to help black people.

I believe that you knew he was a con artist and I believe you’re a con artist as well and I believe that you were being an opportunist. So, and I’m speaking for a lot of African Americans who called in. Omarosa: You’re not speaking, you’re speaking for yourself.

Clay Cane: I said a lot. I said a lot. Omarosa: You’re trying to make a viral moment and it’s not going to work.

Clay Cane: That the majority of black women, 96 percent. I’m just telling you. .

Omarosa: Because whether you believe me or not there are people who believe me. Clay Cane: That’s fine, but I’m telling you that it appears…Omarosa: It’s because you don’t know. You’re ignorant, you’re ignorant.

Clay Cane: It appears you’re one opportunist. You just want the check. Oh, you’re calling me ignorant?

Omarosa: Yeah. Because my experience is different from yours. Clay Cane: I’m ignorant, but you were sitting with an ignorant racist man for a year and he was your friend for 15 years.

Omarosa: You have an agenda. You want to have a moment. That’s cute, but let me respond to you.

Can I respond? Clay Cane: Sure, go ahead. Omarosa: So, whether you believe me or not, my life is my life.

God is the author and finisher of my faith so your insults don’t have any impact on me. God brought me from the projects of Youngstown to sit not with one, but two presidents, so rather you believe me or not, that’s not going to impact my future because you don’t have any impact on my life. Clay Cane: You asked what my point was.

Omarosa: But it was disrespectful. Clay Cane: Because you’re a problematic as Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Omarosa: And you’re being disrespectful because you want to appeal to the cliques which are cheap.

Clay Cane: How am I being disrespectful? Omarosa, Omarosa, you’ve been on reality shows. .

. Omarosa: I have. I’m very successful.

Clay Cane: You’ve done everything you’ve done, you want cliques, you want fame and you were just as problematic. Omarosa: But I own it. You don’t own it.

That’s what makes you so problematic. Clay Cane: Omarosa, you are Sean Spicer, you are Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and you believe that because you wrote a book you’re some kind of. .

. Omarosa: This is cheap. It’s for cheap cliques.

Clay Cane: No, no, no that’s what you’re a part of. I’m, I’m asking you questions. Omarosa: I’m disappointed because I thought you would actually take the high route.

Clay Cane: I’m disappointed in you. That you defended a racist…Clay Cane- Omarosa’s Response to Sheryl Lee RalphAUDIO: https://soundcloud. com/siriusxm/clay-cane-omarosas-response-to-sheryl-lee-ralphClay Cane: April Ryan was on the Karen Hunter Show and….

she says that, that you, you tried to, she tried to kill my career, a divorced single mother with kids that you made up a lie that she received money from the Clinton campaign and you tried to get her fired. Is that true? Omarosa: I didn’t, you know, the emails came out that showed that she was um, in conversation about being paid by the Clinton campaign.

I didn’t come out with that. That came out in the emails with the WikiLeaks. Facts, facts.

I sent an email to her privately and said, “Look at what came out on WikiLeaks, protect yourself. ” That’s what she’s talking about. So let’s go to facts.

Clay Cane: Ok. Omarosa: And um, she, she’s the one that put that out there. She put that private exchange out into the public space.

But I don’t have a beef with her. I wish her well. I mean, you know, I, I heard she has a project out.

I haven’t seen much about it. I mean, God bless her. Hopefully people will read it.

Clay Cane: So you weren’t trying to get her fired at any point? Omarosa: You can’t. That’s so ignorant.

Clay Cane: That’s what she said, that’s what she said. Omarosa: But you can’t, she, she is the White House Correspondent for a news organization. How it’s, I mean it’s just so I don’t even know how to respond to such, you know, the perception of ignorance that only her company would deem whether or not she’s doing her job or not.

Not me. I mean, it’s surprising she gives me that much power in her life. But I didn’t have that power, nor was she even on my radar at all.

I like her. So I hope that, you know, people will, you know, find some benefit in the stuff that she’s saying. But I think if you look at our two projects, our books came out around the same time.

I’m number one on the Best Seller’s list. Clay Cane: That’s a very Trump line. Omarosa: No, no, but you, you brought her up.

So it’s fair. Clay Cane- Omarosa Tries To Shut Down The ShowAUDIO: https://soundcloud. com/siriusxm/clay-cane-omarosa-tries-to-shut-down-the-showOmarosa: Baby I didn’t need to go on the government salary.

Clay Cane: Well you were there. You were there. You were there, Omarosa.

You were there. Omarosa: You’re going off because you wanted a moment here. This could be the best show you’ve ever had.

Is that what you wanted? This is what you got. Clay Cane: No, I’m not going.

. . Omarosa, I’m going off.

I’m going off because I asked you fair questions. I didn’t yell at you. I didn’t curse at you.

I didn’t talk about your personal life. How did I come from you? How did I come for you?

How did I come for you, Omarosa? You insulted me. You talked about my hair.

Omarosa: What’s your point? Clay Cane: You talked about black folks, you insulted me, I asked you fair questions. No, I don’t believe you and I don’t have to believe you.

I didn’t tell America to bow down. I don’t have to believe you, Omarosa. You are click bait.

Omarosa: You’re unhinged. I should write a book by you. Clay Cane: You have a click bait book.

You can, feel free, write the book. Buy my book as well it’s called ‘Live Through This’ on Amazon. com.

Omarosa: This is where you’re show go in the gutter. Clay Cane: Omarosa, I asked you fair questions. I studied the questions.

Omarosa. This is Omarosa Manigault Newman. This is Omarosa Manigault Newman.

So so so she’s ready to leave. Omarosa: Is this a break? It is a hard close?

I want him to shut it down before I walk out. I’m not leaving out under any condition. Clay Cane: Omarosa, listen you don’t own my show.

You don’t own my show. You don’t own me. This is The Clay Cane Show, you don’t own me.

Don’t tell me what to do, Omarosa. You’re upset that I asked you fair questions. You’re upset that I asked you fair questions.


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