WBLS OM, Skip Dillard (WBLS and WLIB), Hip-Hop Legends and The Hip-Hop Museum

Cut Man LC, WBLS/WLIV OM Skip Dillard (WBLS and WLIB), DJ Rocky and Kurtis Blow, hip-hop music museum, new york, inner city broadcasting,
Legends! Cut Man LC, WBLS/WLIV OM Skip Dillard (WBLS and WLIB), DJ Rocky and Kurtis Blow

OM Skip Dillard (WBLS and WLIB) of Inner City Broadcasting’s WBLS/WLIB in New York with Hip Hop legends Cut Man LC, DJ Rocky and Kurtis Blow.  Legends coming together in support of the creation of the 1st Hip Hop Museum in New York City.


Hip Hop Museum.  For years, lovers of Hip Hop as well as music pioneers, artists and those in radio have long desired for the creation of a designated place for the preservation of the ever changing culture of Hip Hop. The “Father of Hip Hop”,  Afrika Bambaataa, states “the museum would look at the historical and cultural roots of hip-hop and the contributions made by break dancers and disc Radio DJeys.”  Bambaatta continues, “many people think of rappers when they hear the word hip-hop. But there’s a whole culture and movement behind it.”  The support for a Hip Hop Museum is already evident and it looks like the growing support will soon manifest into something tangible in New York City before 2017.

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