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OH NO: Sources Inform us Mo'Nique went left before her Deadline

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We were the absolute FIRST to print that Mo'Nique's show was canned by syndication one this past Friday and that this was her last week. We don't know how true this is as her show is/was not in our market but as we have a ton of celebrities who read Radio Facts they often use private email addresses and they will pop up to say hello or respond when they like or dislike a story or when they send us a lead so we don't always know who they are until then. According to a very good source, Mo'Nique reads Radio Facts and was LIVID when syndication one sent out the press release we posted about her show being canned. Sources say she went on the air with some sort of rant this past Friday and the company decided to let her go even earlier. Our sources deny this and say that she completed the show through this week. Now let us clear this up. syndication one never said the show was canned… WE DID. syndication one sent a very clean press release announcing that it was basically HER decision to leave (typical in radio to make it an amicable effort whether it is or isn't).   We have not heard the “rant” ourselves but sources tell us she mentioned listeners have not heard the last of her on the radio….

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