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OH NO: HD Radio Is Crying Out to Be Heard – Just Not Working?

I have noticed that whenever I print an HD Radio story… NOBODY or very few people read it. The HD radio alliance has spent millions of dollars on promotion, ads and educational efforts. Yet even after four years of this, most people still donâ„¢t have any idea what HD radio is.

And no wonder. You canâ„¢t sum up HD radio in a one-line movie pitch (Å“Itâ„¢s ËœForrest Gumpâ„¢ meets ËœThe Terminator™Â  ! ). It takes a couple of paragraphs to explain it.

Back in the mists of time (2001-ish), the big bosses of AM and FM were freaked out by the imminent arrival of satellite radio. Satellite was going to offer hundreds of stations, better sound, no fading of stations as you drove from city to city and music channels without any commercials at all. Read the whole story on the link >>> State of the Art – HD Radio Is Crying Out to Be Heard – NYTimes.com.

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