NYMRAD Reports Commercial Radio Access Still Outshines Spotify

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SpotifyNew York Market Radio Broadcasters Association (NYMRAD) Publishes its 1st Quarter 2018 State of the Market ReportNew SpotifyYork, NY (April 23, 2018) – New York Market Radio Association (NYMRAD) has released the First Quarter, 2018 State of the New York Market Report. The comprehensive analysis of the NY marketplace is designed to help advertisers understand Radio’s impact on consumers and its prominent role in the local advertising landscape. The extensive report assesses the New York area economy, including business drivers, and provides up-to-date consumer research on music consumption, radio usage, and more.In addition to the New York market, this quarter’s report places a special focus on the summer season (which includes outdoor activities, museum exhibition openings, sporting events, and vacations).“Interest and attendance in outdoor activities skyrockets during the summer months as people will be traveling by car to outdoor destinations such as amusements, parks and beaches. As time in-car increases during the season, it is the perfect time to use Radio advertising to reach consumers on the go” says NYMRAD’s Executive Director, Debbie Beagan. “Radio’s emotional and trusted connection with listeners makes it the most unique and engaging medium to drive brand awareness.”The NYMRAD State of the Market Report provides specific business trends as well as local information from a variety of sources including Nielsen Audio, New York Times, NJ Business, Labor Statistics for the New York City Region, Media Monitors and many more.FULL REPORT HERENew York Market Radio Association (NYMRAD) is a trade organization dedicated to evangelizing the superior results and consumer engagement that New York’s audio brands deliver.Provoke Insights is a full-service market research firm specializing in advertising, communication, brand equity, product development, product launches, media, and content marketing research. We help build and grow brands using qualitative and quantitative research.“The value of Radio has increased in the last year. In 2016, Radio transactions increased in value by 6; by the end of 2017, transactions valued $3.3 billion.24 While other players such as Pandora and Spotify continue to disrupt the way we listen to audio, Radio still has the furthest reach. Radio reaches 93% of the population each day, while Pandora and Spotify only reach 15% and 5%, respectively. Ninety-five percent of the population have access to Radio, while only 25% have access to Pandora and 31% to Spotify.”



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