“No Delivery Service Wants To Bring Food”: Ukrainian Animal Shelter Fears Food Will Run Out Soon


Animal rescue facilities in Ukraine are beginning to worry that their food supply for animals will run out soon due to the Russian invasion causing a supply issue.

Russian forces have already entered Ukraine’s capital city Kyiv and massive brawling has broken out in the northern districts. 

Approximately 50,000 stray animals live on the streets of Ukraine. Numerous shelters across the country work together to rescue and provide housing for the animals, and ultimately put them up for adoption. 

Nastya Aboliesheva, an employee for a dog and cat shelter “Happy Paw” located in Kyiv told Newsweek that at the moment, the situation in shelters throughout Ukraine is stable, but food supplies continue to be the biggest problem.

“According to our data, all the animals are alive and have food for a few days. But no delivery service wants to bring food- that’s the biggest problem so far. Therefore, we are all on hold and hope to resume our work as soon as possible,” Aboliesheva said. 

Aboliesheva also added that the “most unfortunate” is the Gostomel shelter that is also located in the Kyiv region, standing next to the airfield. It was reported by The Moscow Times that Ukrainian and Russian forces began a battle for control over the airfield on Feb. 24., which was the first day of the invasion. 

“But at the moment we know that the shelter has food for a few days and finances for shopping. Also, access to the shelter is free, but, as I said, no one is willing to risk their lives to deliver what is needed,” Aboliesheva said. She stated that the main goal for Happy Paw animal shelter is to “not stop supporting animals in shelter.”

“Our work now remains important and necessary because animals do not understand what is happening and also need food and treatment… the main thing that people can help now is not to throw their animals at random, but to be near them or to evacuate with the animals,” Aboliesheva told Newsweek

Happy Paw Shelter has urged owners to walk their dogs on leashes and to attach addresses and tags to them in the case of them getting lost.

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