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NIELSEN LAUNCHES AUDIO DIARY MONTHLY INSIGHTS REPORTS – Provides Subscribers With More Granularity and Specificity About Diary Listening

Nielsen (NYSE:NLSN) today announced the launch of Diary Monthly Insights Reports, a new set of reports to diary market subscribers of PD Advantage and Arbitrends. These reports provide audio clients with more granularity and specificity about diary listening behavior and trends and will be delivered to subscribers on a monthly basis.

“In today’s hyper-competitive environment, it’s vital for radio stations to be able to detect changes in their listening audience as early as possible,” said Brad Kelly, managing director for Nielsen Audio. “Radio stations require faster, more granular insights to understand their listeners. The Diary Monthly Insights Reports are an advanced new tool offering users the programming edge that comes with a quicker, more discrete read on the radio listening marketplace.”

With these new reports, Nielsen audio clients can now access insights with an unprecedented level of transparency into each station’s specific diary keepers, and market rankers by specific ages across each phase and sample composition during the survey. The reports will also offer users a long-awaited alternative to “extrapolations” of the monthly audience estimates, and are unique insofar as they are not impacted by weighting.

Diary Monthly Insights Reports provide both rankers and trends across a dozen discreet demos and dayparts. It also provides station diary counts for each month, granular demographic details for the station’s top 10 diary keepers, as well as listening by specific age, zip code and format.

Each client station that subscribes to PD Advantage and Arbitrends [where applicable] will be able to access these reports. Audio clients in all diary measured markets, large and small, now have a new source of rich, timely information about their listeners’ tuning habits.

Reports for station(s) will be available for their licensed stations at no cost, while reports for competing stations are available for a nominal fee.



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