NFL QB Deshaun Watson Settles 20 of the 24 Civil Sexual Misconduct Suits, Attorney Says


Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson has settled with 20 out of the 24 women who have filed civil lawsuits against him, according to attorney Tony Buzbee. 

“Today I announce that all cases against Deshaun Watson, with the exception of four, have settled,” Buzbee said in a statement. “We are working through the paperwork related to those settlements. Once we have done so, those particular cases will be dismissed. The terms and amounts of the settlements are confidential. We won’t comment further on the settlements or those cases.”

In his statement, Buzbee also pointed out that Ashley Solis, who was the first woman to publicly accuse Watson, is one of the four women who has not settled with Watson.

Buzbee continued, “Ashley Solis is one of the heroes of this story. Her case has not been settled and thus her story and that of the other three brave women will continue. I look forward to trying these cases in due course, consistent with other docket obligations.” 

The accusations against the Browns Quarterback began on March 16, 2021, when one massage therapist accused Watson of sexual misconduct during sessions while he was still a member of the Houston Texans. Throughout the next year, 22 more women filed civil sexual misconduct lawsuits against Watson. During this, the Browns traded for Watson and signed him to a first-of-its-kind five-year, $230-million deal that was fully guaranteed. 

Watson did not face criminal charges after two Texas grand juries declined to indict him earlier this year. Watson maintained his innocence since the first allegations first surfaced. 

Despite 20 successful settlements, there are still four civil suits pending against Watson and more could possibly resurface as well after The New York Times reported Watson met with up to 66 massage therapists in 2017. Rusty Hardin, Watson’s attorney, also came under fire recently after he tried to brush off “happy endings” during sessions. 

Watson currently still faces a possible suspension front the league for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy, even if he avoids facing accusers in court.

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