NFL COVID-19 Testing Program Extended

The NFL will continue to test players daily through September 5th. The players always wanted daily testing, but the owners only agreed to it after being pressured. The extension does not go throughout the season, which is worrying for players and personnel.

The NFL will not contain their players in a bubble like the NBA, but they have to be diligent in their efforts to prevent contracting and spreading the virus so they don’t become MLB. MLB tests players frequently, but we have seen with some teams that asking people to be responsible for themselves and following protocols to prevent them from testing positive is too much to ask. Containment and a controlled environment has been very successful, but the NFL will have to find other ways to stay safe if they want the season to go on without interruption.

The NFL’s protocols will be tested starting the week of the 17th when teams can begin really practicing. Of course, daily testing won’t prevent the spread, but it can help prevent a wide spread of positive tests within one team. When not containing players every precautionary measure needs to be taken to prevent the spread of the virus. It is possible that the NFL will extend the daily testing program and it won’t hurt to do it; the season may depend on it.

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