A New Game that Sets the Black Community Back 70 Years (vid)


A game called “Knockout” is not quite new but it’s gaining popularity and several victims have died. The game involves teens daring each other to go up and knock out a complete vulnerable stranger. Looking at this video by a news organization in New Jersey, one of any race could conclude that the American educational system, black parents and the black church are failing black children to the point that they are now completely disconnected from their heritage, history in this country and any form of respect for others.  Yet in all fairness, we have learned this is not a game that only black kids play. This in no way excuses the behavior of those responsible in this video, who are black. We must also understand that major news organizations have been accused many times of being biased and that must be taken into consideration unless we can obtain ALL of the footage from these cameras. This is why sites like YouTube and World Star Hip-Hop are so important in today’s news coverage to create more unbiased balance. Overall, simple respect is lost as the gap is widening and the entire black community as a whole will be looked down upon for being responsible for this video and sure enough, this has enraged many black people who fully understand that we go out and rally against police brutality, racial profiling, Stand Your Ground, racism, Barneys and an unjust legal system then some of us turn around and give ALL of it an excuse to exist. 

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