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Need a Job? Zao Launches First Free Career Site with Employer Branding and Rewards

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 width=Innovative employee referral management platform Zao today announced a first in the careers marketplace: Companies can now create their own free career site with a built-in rewards component. Zao provides free hosting, enabling employers to brand the page with their own text, logos, images and videos uploaded from platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. HR personnel can add jobs and manage their referral rewards programs through Zao.com; jobs that are added or filled are automatically opened and closed on their career page.No programming skills are needed; the Zao career site is designed to be intuitive to use and easy for HR professionals to edit. Each company gets its own URL at company-name.zao.com, which can be linked directly from the main company site. Non-technical staff at companies can create a free, hosted career page they can use to post and manage job openings, offer branded content to showcase the company for jobseekers and develop talent networks. Zao, which offers free tools to help employers effectively build and manage employee referral programs, now enables companies to easily, affordably create a high-performance career page without involving their organization’s IT department.Company career sites are one of the most important sources for hiring. Well-built career sites can significantly reduce company recruiting costs and help build talent networks. The new Zao service, which is free for employers, is the first career site to offer rewards management functions, talent network creation and multimedia branding opportunities.”Many company career pages are static and don’t fully capitalize on the incredible opportunity presented by a visit from someone who may be interested in joining the company,” observed Ziv Eliraz, founder and CEO of Zao. “That’s not because HR leaders aren’t interested in leveraging the visit ““ they understand more than most how powerful the potential is. In some cases, lack of IT resources and technical expertise may keep companies from optimizing their career page. With the new Zao career site, companies can finally showcase their brand, display job openings and create talent networks.”Eliraz emphasizes that the talent network aspect is extremely important and is central to Zao’s mission of helping companies hire well, fast using referrals from trusted sources like employees, partners and company alumni. He noted that career site visitors come to prospective employers’ sites to interact with the company. They may not always find a relevant job, but they often know someone who might be a perfect fit. As jobseekers who may have connections within the employer’s industry, they can enhance the search process.The career site is the latest offering from Zao, a fast-growing startup that helps companies take advantage of employee and contact networks to find the right hires at the right time. By making the referral process fast and easy, leveraging social network information and helping companies build and manage effective referral management programs, Zao increases the pool of qualified applicants. Find out more at www.zao.com.

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