NCAA Football News and Notes


This past week Big 10 Presidents voted to cancel the fall football season and are going forward with the plan to play in the spring. They were the first major conference to decide to cancel fall football. The decision was made due to the uncertainty regarding potential medical risks to the athletes. The coaches put forth a proposal to start early in January with fall camp training in December. By using this timeline players will have enough time to recover to play a full season next fall.

Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris along with nine senators has endorsed a plan that would allow college athletes to profit off their name and likeness with minimal restrictions and receive long-term medical coverage. The plan was brought forth by Cory Booker and Richard Blumenthal. NCAA has already approved athletes profiting off their likeness and there will be “guardrails” put in place for athletes.

Rutgers has had at least 30 football players test positive for COVID-19 since the team returned to campus in mid-June. All the players who tested positive are receiving full cardiac workups and only two remain quarantined.

Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford and his wife pledged $350,000 to endow the UGA athletic department’s social justice program. The program will implement strategic initiatives in the areas of diversity, inclusion, equity and social justice.


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