MusicPro University Offers ‘Learn to Play Guitar’ Course Free to Public Schools


musicproBudget shortfalls have forced many public schools to cut back wherever possible, and unfortunately, music and the arts are among the first disciplines to feel the pinch. Aware of these problems, MusicPro University has gallantly stepped in to provide its guitar training course free to eligible public schools. The course is divided into 8 modules; the first six build a strong foundation for success for even absolute beginner guitar players. In the public school setting, instructors can incorporate as much or as little of the “Learn to Play Guitar” ) course as they wish. To begin the process of adding MusicPro University’s guitar program to the curriculum, instructors or administrators can fill out a simple request form ).”We understand that school music teachers may have the desire to teach guitar, but often lack the resources or expertise,” explained MusicPro University’s Mark Leaser. “Our guitar course has everything needed to introduce a group of young people to this powerful musical instrument. Lessons start with the bare essentials and build up in a purposeful, calculated way. Strength exercises, for instance, will have students playing complex chords much faster than traditional instructional methods. Research has shown how important music and the arts can be to cognitive development, so MusicPro University has decided to do its part in keeping music alive in public schools.”Music instructors who want to take advantage of the free program must complete a one-hour web briefing. Afterwards, MusicPro University provides the necessary credentials for instructor log-in, along with the steps required to add students to the online learning center. A complete syllabus of the course topics is available to help instructors map out their teaching plan.The guitar course can be deployed in the classroom in a number of ways. For example, the various charts in each module can be printed and distributed as visual aids. Online videos can be assigned as homework or review. Although the course was designed as an 8-12 week program, in a public school setting instructors can adapt the materials to supplement an entire year of introductory guitar training.Leaser continued: “The ‘P3’ practice method is the foundation of our approach. With this method, practice sessions are tightly focused and relatively short. Topics and techniques are broken down into small components, while finger and hand strength are built up through exercises.”Schools that sign up for MusicPro University’s free guitar program gain lifetime access. Individuals may also purchase the “Learn to Play Guitar” course for $99, with a one-year money back guarantee.

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