Sylvia Robinson’s Sons Charged with Tax Evasion

– The three sons of the late Sylvia Robinson, considered The Mother of Hip Hop since she released the first hip hop record commercially Rapper’s Delight by The Sugar Hill Gang) have been charged with Tax Evasion.

Joseph Robinson Jr., 50, of Tenafly, NJ and brothers 46-year-old Leland Robinson and 41-year-old Rhondo Robinson, both of Englewood, NJ entered their pleas in federal court in Newark this week. The U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey said the Robinsons’ failure to file resulted in nearly $1.3 million in tax losses to the government.

The brother’s primary source of income was royalties from the label their  founded by their parents in the late 70s, prosecutors said. The men also made money as copyright administrators for different recording artists. Sounds like Sylvia was trying to create a nest’s egg for her sons.

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