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Mo'Nique Taking Over for Donnie Simpson? Bill Cosby Taking over for Tom Joyner too…

 width=Yesterday a couple of sites reported that Mo’nique will be taking over for Donnie Simpson on WPGC. I will admit, it’s been a slow news week thus far but give me a break. It will be very hard to replace Charlamagne, Wendy Williams and perhaps even Donnie Simpson but Mo’Nique, I hear, does have an axe to grind to prove she CAN do a successful radio show, she is about to be transformed. WHEN she wins the Oscar next Sunday all of her black hand lers will turn white (laugh) and the first thing they will tell her is to mainstream it up and not only dump the BET show while they pitch one of the networks for a “real” talk show with “real” guests, they will balk at any notion of her doing urban radio… and they are going to tell her to dump her inexperienced husband as her manager… believe me, they are waiting in the wings for the announcement. An Oscar winner doing radio syndication? Sure Jamie Fox does Sirius and his people probably don’t want him doing that either. Mo’Nique would be wasting her time doing radio at this point, it didn’t work and she has found an interesting niche with her talk show on TV (a show that I can’t bring myself to watch). I’m sure she is just filling in on WPGC and there will be more people doing the same until they find a host.   I like Mo’Nique and in all honesty, Mo would be selling herself short at this point to do a syndicated urban show after even being NOMINATED for an Oscar. She is now miles ahead of Tom Joyner and Steve Harvey and needs to think bigger. If they are not offering her Tom’s entire roster, for example, it’s not worth her time.

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