See Mo’Nique and Steve Harvey Confrontation: Discuss Personal Conflict and Verbal Attacks on the Steve Harvey Show


Radio Facts: I have to admit, this is a side of Steve Harvey I have rarely seen. I truly get BOTH sides. At one time I was just like Mo’Nique but what they don’t mention here, or perhaps Steve says it in another way, is a soldier in the black entertainment industry against industry injustice will find himself thanked and asked for help in the dark, he will watch others have victory for his efforts, then he will find himself alone and avoided in the light by those same people. You will get used. Unfortunately, it is every SMART man or woman for themselves. Truth is, to Mo’s point … we just don’t stick together enough. As far as Steve, he’s right too. You get more powerful by leveraging your assets and playing the game, just like everybody else does to their advantage.The sad irony for Mo is that she thinks NOT playing the game is the best bet. It’s not, not playing means you’re STILL playing … but you’re just playing to lose. Everyone keeps indicating that Mo is getting really bad advice from her inexperienced husband and manager and they are correct. The love that people in the industry have for her is what keeps her afloat, indicating SHE is the one who has created those relationships before her husband came into the picture. People like Steve are trying to get her to see the error of her ways. Very good segment. Enjoy

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