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Monica Starr Starks Voiceover

Monica Starr, C.R.M.C. – P.A. began her broadcasting career at the NBC-TV affiliate in , Illinois as moderator of a teenage talk show. This spurred an interest in as well as television. Having created, written, produced, and hosted numerous TV programs, Monica returned to radio at KXOK. After a brief time there she went on to KMJM-FM becoming the Music Research Director. After being promoted to Promotions and Sales Coordinator and Announcer, Ms Starr returned to KXOKAM as News Director and Midday Announcer. She quickly advanced to , and . Monica also oversaw the conversion of KXOKAM to KXOKAM and FM.

Ms Starr relocated to WPEG-FM as Midday Announcer and was quickly promoted to Programming Assistant. After becoming interim Program Director, Monica was transferred as Program Director to WEJM-AM and FM in Chicago, her hometown. With the imminent sale of the station Ms Starr was transferred to WMXD-FM in Detroit as Program Director. After becoming a Career College Association, Level One Instructor Monica taught at Specs Howard School Of Broadcast Arts in Southfield, MI as an
Audio Instructor teaching all four quarters audio classes, including studio operations, station training, vocal performance, and broadcast news writing. Ms Starr returned to radio as Program Director for WDMKFM and was quickly promoted to Operations Manager for Radio One – Detroit, WDMKFM, WDTJ-FM AND WCHB-AM.

Her programming career is versatile covering , Urban Mainstream, Hip Hop and Rap. Ms Starr has been the recipient of numerous including two National Black Programmers Coalition, Personality of the ; the Midwest Radio and Music Association Griot Award; Columbia College Music Pioneer Award for Program Director of the year; two nominations for Program Director of the Year and one Billboard nomination for Station of the Year; and Gavin Station of the Year


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