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Mitch Faulkner Speaks on Induction into the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame

Mitch Faulkner

“Hey, Guys, most of you know Already but if not, I was inducted into the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame This Past October, I could not attend the actual induction because  I was…..On The Radio……Really!

One on my Radio Mentors received the Award for me. His name is Mike Roberts who gave me my First Commercial Radio Job here in Atlanta in 1982.

The reason why you are getting this message is- because- no one does anything alone ever. Yes, we may take the step out but usually, someone is Pushing, Pulling, Supporting your every step before you can stand on your own feet much like we support our Kids when they start to walk. And each one of you who received this knows what you have done to help me get to this point in my career.

This was an Induction into the Georgia Radio Hall Of Fame but to me, it is more than just a Medallion to frame on my Studio wall, it is a combination of all the People like you in my career that has had an impact on who I am in this industry.

You know when you see folk accepting awards there is always a rush of what to say and here I can take my time to let you all know how much I thank you for who I am today.

First of all to God our Father!

My Parents In Heaven Annie Belle and Willie Faulkner. My Wife Brenda and My Sons Mitchell II, Matthew, and Isaiah. My Cousin Jesse Trice who Persuaded us to move to Atlanta in Summer of 1980

My Brother Arvester who has been my Rock through it all. Who supported and helped when I had the crazy idea to be the Image voice of Radio. I Created on Mic Productions in a small space in my Garage in 1986 by 1989 I was serving over 28 radio stations with Imaging Production. Joe Bullard at WAMN Tallahassee was my first Client in Radio.

After starting the Onic Productions Business I got a shot at being Production Manager at KMJQ in Houston TX and in 1989 I had an accident on a rainy Night on the way to Fed-ex with Packages to deliver and it scared me into stopping my personal Business.

After thinking about my decision to stop I called my Brother and told him what happened, after some time to think about it, I called him back and said I am moving back to Atlanta and lets set up and operate OUR OWN studios.

He Flew out to Houston we rented a U Haul Vehicle and Drove back. He had found us 800 Sq.ft of Space in Tucker just east of Downtown Atlanta and Officially Launched what would become the Largest and ONLY Black-Owned and operated Radio Production Company in the Nation. At OMP after over 10 years of Producing Audio for Radio, we were heard on Over 180 Radio Stations across America and Abroad. Respect to all the Producers who worked under our Company Roof Like James Breedlove, Andre Williams, Mike Richardson, AL B Love, Michael Anthony, KD Bowe, Darin “Postman” Florence, Kevin “Soni D” Allen R.I.P and Others who were students of OMP University (lol) like Al Twitty, Myron “Magic” Giggau, Ernest Davis, And the Many Voice talents that worked with us over the years and Administrative Staff,

Like Bert Compton, Accounting, Kelvin Quarles Station Relations and a host of others.

OMP went on to become an institution for the Sound of Urban Radio during the Period from 1986 to 1996 and even to this day because so many of the Producers around the country Learned the foundation of their sound from ON MIC PRODUCTIONS FLAVA. By Imaitaing or mimicking what we innovated along the way. Much like Michel Jackson Imitated Jackie Wilson and James Brown on Stage and so on!

People still ask me what was the OMP Sound and the Compression Ratio on the Mic Chain and I would say, Tell me the 11 Herbs and Spices in KY Fried Chicken and I will give you the Mic Chain Settings (lol) of course no one knows even to this day. All the Producers mentioned above are very close to the mark but no one knows it all! If they really talked to each other they could put it together because I have shared SOME of it to each of them, but not all to EACH of them.”


  1. Mitch has always been a reasonable man in a business full of unreasonable people. I guess you can make it to HOF being a great person. Congrats


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