Michael Baisden’s Million Dollar Business Pitch Campaign

Nationally Syndicated Radio Host Michael Baisden Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is Investing in Small Businesses with “Million Dollar Business Pitch” Campaign

Michael Baisden

Dallas – Radio personality,   best-selling author, filmmaker, and leader of the successful civil rights march in Jena, LA, Michael Baisden not only talks the talk afternoons on his nationally syndicated “The Michael Baisden Show,” he also walks the walk. On Monday, October 24, Baisden announced his plans to give away a half-million dollars to small businesses and non-profits via a “Million Dollar Business Pitch” campaign. Listeners must tune into the radio show, Twitter, or FaceBook on November 28th for submission details.
“It’s time for those of us who have done well because of the people, to give back to the people,” expresses Baisden. “While we relax in our comfortable homes driving our expensive cars, families are being destroyed.   I understand that I can’t save the world, but I can reach back and help as many people as I can and hopefully inspire others to do the same!   It’s time to pay it forward in a big way!”
From author to radio personality, to filmmaker and now social and political activist, Michael Baisden is committed to advancing the global community to a better place. Baisden’s contribution for the campaign is not from corporate sponsors, but is coming directly from his wallet. “You see that’s our problem, if we can’t make a profit off helping people, we don’t do it. While I welcome corporations and others to support us, I can’t wait for their budget cycles to make a decision,” he cites.
Over the past eight years, the outspoken and sometimes controversial radio pioneer has advocated for civil rights issues, campaigned for voter registration, supported free health clinics, and promoted mentoring with a 70-city bus tour. Most recently Baisden took his microphone to Occupy Wall Street in New York, engaging his listeners up close and personal with protesters from the site.
“As President Obama said, we can’t wait fourteen months; some of my listeners won’t survive another fourteen weeks. We have to do something now!”
In addition to his Million Dollar Business Pitch campaign, he continues to break boundaries with the release of his new   e-novel   entitled, “Never Satisfied: Do Men Know What The Want?” on Baisden Publishing and   his new film   “Do Women Know What They Want?” on TimeLife slated for release later this year.   Baisden’s other popular titles, “Men Cry in the Dark,” “The Maintenance Man,” and “God’s Gift to Women,” can be found on Amazon.com.
To get more information on how you can win a share of his Million Dollar Business Pitch, follow The Michael Baisden Show on Facebook (on Baisdenlive) and Twitter (@BaisdenLive).   Details on how to submit your business will be announced live on The Michael Baisden Show on November 28th between 3:00 and 7:00 p.m. ET. Log onto www.Baisdenlive.com to listen to the live stream or download the TuneIn radio app and search Michael Baisden show.


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