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More Changes Attributed to Michael Baisden’s Departure from Urban Radio

big-news-logo   Last week was probably the biggest news week in the urban industry in several years. Ironically it happened during my midterms in college so to say it was incredibly challenging is an understatement. I wanted an easy work week… allow me to say, if you want something to happen quickly… go in the OPPOSITE direction and the universe has a way of playing a trick on you. At any rate. you can expect even more changes to happen over the next few weeks following ’s departure. I broke it all down for you. (click “Next”)

Did Tom JoynerKNOW Baisden’s Fate?

tom+joyner+on+air-1We don’t get Tom Joynerin LA. That’s not a complaint, it’s an expression of gratitude. While Tom is a great businessman, The Tom JoynerMorning Show would have put Michael Jackson to sleep.   Tom is not coming off that mic until the original Jack “the Rapper” Gibson does one more industry conference. Finally, doesn’t mean “Retire Already” in Spanish?

OK, with all due respect to Tom and all jokes aside… is a great solid jock and a great choice but when Michael Baisden approached Radio One to take over his show a few months ago and he was turned down, was Radio One and Reach Media aware of the opportunity this could create for a syndicated show with a new host? Now that Cumulus made a deal with Reach Media there is another rumor running rampant throughout the industry about Cumulus… Finally why didn’t Reach Media allow Skip to bring his team with him especially on a platform this huge? Skip’s skills will TRULY be tested taking over this show and meshing with a new co-host at the same time. (click “Next” above below)

Is Cumulus Done with Black Syndication?cumulus2011

Several urban programmers expressed they have been hearing that Cumulus is allegedly EXHAUSTED after dealing with Baisden and that they were allegedly thrilled to get rid of the show altogether allegedly along with Baisden.   Everything promoting the show will be done via Reach Media. Tom can easily promote the show on his own show to boost appeal and interest so it’s a brilliant move on all parts thanks to Michael Baisden’s departure. What’s next for Michael Baisden? (click next)

Michael Baisden

baisdenDuring my interview with Michael Baisden he was not the person I had heard that he was for many years. He was very calm, laid back and relaxed. Baisden has been on the air for 10 years and with all due respect to his tenure, if you have not paid dues in this industry working in radio for evil black mom and pop owners back in the day you are not a jock (lol). If anyone is offended by that too damn bad, I have worked for several evil black radio owners back in the day.   This is what makes Skip Murphy’s appointment a bit easier to swallow. He’s a true radio jock with real radio history. Michael Baisden wants to be back on the air, that would be interesting at this point but at least there is room for him to have something to fall back on, his writing etc.   Let’s talk about ..(click next)

Doug Banks

190n_wls_bio_dougbanks_160x200Michael Baisden’s departure is going to open new doors for Doug Banks. Doug Banks is not done with radio yet and apparently there are stations who still believe in him. Banks recently hired Ed Pearson to help with his show and this was a great choice. (click next)

Stations Running local Shows Instead of Murphy


There are a couple of stations that are adamant about not replacing Baisden with a syndicated show,   Reach Media is working overtime to change their minds and if it doesn’t work…you will learn about them soon.


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