Michael B. Jordan Stops by The Breakfast Club Radio Show to Talk about Life After Black Panther and New Project

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This is a great interview with Michael B. Jordan and his perspective of the character he played in Black Panther and he talks about his upcoming project.

  • Life since Black Panther
  • – “Bury me with my ancestors” line
  • – Writing a diary for his characters
  • – How did you prepare for the role
  • – Did you cut off white women
  • – Did you anticipate the impact the film would have
  • – Denzel Washington passing the torch to you
  • – Farenheight 451
  • – How did you get into acting
  • – How much did you make from Black Panther
  • – Netflix
  • – Temple Girl in your DM’s
  • – Craziest thing a fan did to get your attention
  • – Tiffany Haddish
  • – Is he in a relationship
  • – Play a role gaining weight
  • – Any part of you didn’t want to do Creed 2 with Ryan not directing
  • – Thoughts on Childish Gambino’s ‘This is America’



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