Mereba Performance at Space 15 Twenty, Hollywood, CA

radiofacts.comThis past week I got to attend a great live performance for singer Mereba who sang tracks from her project “The Jungle is the Only Way Out.” Thanks to Adrian Miller for the invite. I was only able to stay for a short time and in that time I could not quite grasp enough information about her music but I liked what I had heard. I am a sucker for the few who think and MOVE outside the box and I liked her eclectic energy so I researched more of her music online.I was even more pleasantly surprised by her poetic and spiritual delivery and the alluring and meditative production. In addition, I really like that there is no category for her music. Notable tracks: “Souvenir,” “Get Free” and “Stay Tru.” I attached her visual LP below.Stations like KCRW should jump on her project immediately if they are not already playing it and I’m sure it’s available via the streaming services. There is something that is honest and incredibly nostalgic about her music. As far as the event, it’s always great to see how the new industry operates. I took my best friend, my camera to the event and managed to snap these images from the space that was filled to capacity.Add

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