Media Outlets Attack Trayvon Martin’s Character in an Effort to Credit Zimmerman’s Actions?


trayvonThis morning Yahoo news ran a story about Trayvon Martin being suspended from school because of having marijuana residue on his person. Is there now a universal mainstream effort toassassinate Martin’s character as if he deserved to be murdered? First he should not have been dressed the way he was, now he should not have been suspended? Are these justifiable reasons in America to murder a black teenager?   It is not uncommon for teenagers of ALL races to be around or even use liquor and/or drugs or prescription pills or even get into trouble. These things are all a part of growing up aren’t they?Something has gone awry these past few days with these attacks on Trayvon’s character as tension grows in this case. Bottom line is Zimmerman assigned himself to be the neighborhood watchman with a criminal past AS A GROWN MAN…and he was not wearing any kind of uniform. Zimmerman should NOT have followed Trayvon as he was instructed not to do by the police and he was being an overzealous vigilante purely based on the way a young black man was dressed. Where are HIS character references? The one or two that have appeared are not credible.Trayvon’s ex girlfriends account that Zimmerman physically attacked Trayvon first which prompted Trayvon to protect himself from exactly what happened makes perfect sense. How was Trayvon to know or not know what kind of nutcase Zimmerman was/is? He didn’t know who this man was and he didn’t know what he was going to do. Who, in Trayvon’s position as a young black man would not have also responded physically when a complete stranger with no uniform or ID asks “What are you doing around here?” Then he attempts to restrain you?   Treyvon was (unfortunately) LITERALLY fighting for his life. Why is that so hard to accept as right for anyone? He probably assumed Zimmerman was a crazed racist.   If Zimmerman does have black friends and they are afraid to come forward to defend his character, according to his attorney, then Zimmerman does not have black friends. These efforts are seemingly suspicious in an effort to credit Zimmerman in a situation where he has absolutely NO excuse for approaching, attacking or murdering Trayvon Martin. Ridiculous statements like “He should not have been wearing the hoodie,” or “All he had to do was answer Zimmerman’s questions” weight much less than Zimmerman simply following instructions and waiting until the real police got there. Had he done so for 60 seconds more…

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