Mathew Knowles Tells Atlanta Radio Host How to Address Him


Industry Vet Mathew Knowles Demands Respect from Radio Host.

Mathew Knowles
Knowles appears on the Streetz Morning Takeover in Atlanta
The Streetz Morning Takeover on Streetz 94.5 in Atlanta hosted by Reality Star Yung Joc, comedian Shawty Shawty and co-Host Moquick was going smoothly until. Mr. Knowles checked Moquick on the way she addressed him, this was almost immediately after Yung Joc said “Mr. Mathew Knowles” and she said “… Mathew Knowles.” Mathew then let her know that he is 66 years old and accomplished and needed to be addressed as “Mr.” Knowles was there to talk about his book “Racism through the eyes of a child.” He may have a point here. These days older people are often not called Mr. or Ms. but instead by their first name. Is this disrespectful? or OK? At what point should you start calling a person Mr. or Ms. if you are not in the same age range? (see vid below)

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