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Mathew Knowles Speaks at Rice University


In an address at earlier this past week, entertainment , founder, President and of Entertainment, Inc., said that passion should be at the center of everything one does in life. “As you walk through life, passion has to be your driver,” he told the that had gathered at the university for The Mini-UP Experience, a precursor to the annual October gathering of internationally-known great thinkers at the Stafford Centre in Houston, Texas. “It all starts with passion. It all ends with passion. Every day I wake up passionate about the .” It was the first and most important tenet of his guide for a successful and fulfilling life. His guide also included advice such as: be passionate; don’t be afraid to fail; have a plan; have a high talk-to-do ratio; think outside the box; and calculate your risks. He also expressed that his superstar daughters live by another important tenet-stay grounded. He told the : “My daughters Solange and Beyoncé are good people who care about humanity. They will look you in the eye and ask how you’re doing or swerve their car to miss hitting an animal. It’s not the awards (they win). It’s that they are good, genuine people.”

Read more about his inspiring speech on the Houston Culture Map site.




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