LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – OCTOBER 26: Master P speaks onstage at the REVOLT X AT&T 3-Day Summit In Los Angeles – Day 2 at Magic Box on October 26, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for REVOLT)

Master P took to his Instagram to send a very direct message to some his family and friends when he basically let the world know that he is tired of funding people's addictions and bad habits. Apparently the New Orleans mogul is over it!

If you are the responsible one or the person in your family that is the most financially stable, many times others do lean on you for support in various ways. This can become very taxing to anyone and even the most generous of people have their boiling point. I don't personally know Percy Miller and I don't what he has done or not done for his loved ones but I guess the No Limit leader reached his limit.

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They always say what do you get the man that has everything. What about love, a card, or even just thank you. If any family members have a receipt of that to me, I’ll cut the ATM back on. It’s been over 30 years I’m tired of supporting people’s addictions and bad habits. Who would y’all be mad at if I was dead, because it seems like none of y’all want to work. I’m no longer enabling lazy ungrateful people. Please go get a job and a career, And for the ones that do have degrees and careers maybe y’all can take over & buy houses and cars for y’all generation and if they are ungrateful then you would understand how I feel! I’m not God, I’m only human. The only difference is I decided to do the right thing and chase my dreams and goals. When I made it I was too generous to my family and friends & that was the problem. I love y’all, but enough is enough. And whoever said they had to sell socks, well Welcome to the Real world I had to sell tapes out the trunk of my car! So In my 50 cent voice “I ain’t doing it no more mane” P.S this how you know it’s hate, I ain’t the only millionaire in this family just for the record. When you do the right thing God will keep blessing you. Envy and jealousy gets you no where #HappySunday I don’t want to hear “keep this off the internet.” I’m just saying what a lot of successful people or even just people with jobs that are working want to say to their family. The truth hurts it’s uncomfortable, but it’s the only way we can get back to the love. For the Bloggers and Gossipers now y’all know the Truth, I’m going back to work to provide for my kids.

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