Master P Booed off Stage in St. Louis

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“Y’all Wanna Hear Bout’ it Bout it?” The audience responds ‘Dout it Dout it!’

This just lets you know that sometimes when something is gone it’s not a good idea to ask for what’s left. Master P is a legend and a very wealthy entrepreneur. He doesn’t need this.The new generation of Gen Zers and Milleniers are apparently not impressed with the musical stylings of Master P and the No Limit era.  The audience is very apparent that it’s a good idea to let bygones be Bye … GONE!!!! during this segment.The legendary Master P was on stage, sans his usual business attire, asking the audience if they wanted to hear “Bout’ it, Bout it” probably expecting a roaring applause but instead there is hemming and hawing indicating ‘mmm, not really’ so he asked again to get clarification … and then there was booing and audience members responding “no.” Well, maybe they didn’t hear it the first two times so he asked AGAIN if they wanted him and the No Limit crew to perform “Bout’ it, Bout it” and you could hear one audience member yell “HELL NO” surrounded by boos.Realizing that there was a really good chance that this was not a good idea, Master P surrendered and said goodbye to the crowd “I love you St. Louis” he said before going in the back and checking his stocks on his cell phone while enjoying a bag of Ramen Noodle Rap Snacks. Back to business Master P. F emLooks like the person who filmed it took it off of youtube… sorry.

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