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Marketron’s Best-In-Class Technology Attracts Buckley Radio as Its Newest Mediascape Custom

 width=Marketron’s Best-In-Class Technology Attracts Buckley Radio as Its Newest Mediascape CustomerBuckley Launches WOR-AM NY As Its First Station on the Mediascape PlatformMarketron, the leading provider of business software solutions for the media industry,today announced that Buckley Radio has signed on to use the Marketron Mediascape platform. Buckley plans to deploy the services across its 18 stations in the United States to increase efficiency and simplify organizational processes. Initially, Buckley will integrate WOR-AM, its flagship station in New York City, with the Mediascape platform and then deploy it across its other 17 stations over the next few months.”We are looking to improve efficienciesacross all of our radio stations and make our processes as simple as possible,” said Joe Bilotta, President and Chief Operating Officer of Buckley Radio. “We know that by using Marketron’s open Mediascape platform, we are using the best in class technology that will transform our stations’ operations.”Mediascape is the top of the line platform for the media industry working to standardize the backend of media organizations. The next-generation solution combines tools to help media organizations become more efficient and transform their businesses with modern technology. Buckley Radio will be able to take advantage of these tools across its stations to improve workflow and automate services while increasing revenues.”Our relationship with Buckley Radio once again proves our continued commitment to providing advanced technology to our customers,” said Jeff Haley, Marketron’s President and CEO. “Our Mediascape services are able to provide sophisticated technology that allows our clients to streamline operations and grow revenue.”Buckley Radio will use Mediascape’s Triton Digital Functionality to track digital streaming and improve execution, reporting and visibility. It will also incorporate the electronic orders and invoicing service across its stations to handle orders and revisions, as well as make invoicing a seamless and easy process.Additionally, Buckley Radio will employ Mediascape’s Network Connect service to automate the processing of orders for network spots, greatly reducing the occurrence of human error, eliminating discrepancies and saving time. By adopting the Mediascape platform, BuckleyRadio will standardize operations across its organization and stations, saving significant expenses and strengthening its relationships with advertisers and partners.



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