Man Arrested After Lighting Crack Pipe in T-Mobile Store … But that’s Not the Worst Part


    A Nashville man has been arrested after lighting up a crack pipe in front of a T-Mobile employee.

    According to Antonio Rivera’s arrest affidavit, officers responded to a robbery call at the store at 932 Richards Road on Wednesday to find Rivera there while the store was still open.

    Responding officers said that Rivera was sitting in a chair when he “immediately started to light a crackpipe in-front me.” Rivera was arrested immediately, and his body was searched for cocaine base.

    Rivera was not the first time they had a run-in with employees and store managers. He was arrested for trespassing and was denied entry to the store in September. Employees then told Rivera that he entered the store with a weapon. He then sat down on a chair, smoking crack pipes. Rivera was arrested for disorderly conduct during his latest arrest. source


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