Making the MOST Money with Google Adsense


Many entrepreneurs have a website and want to know how they can make extra income to cover some of their expenses.. I have learned over the years how to use Adsense and I’ve gone from less than a dollar a day a few years back up to a massive income day for a huge story where I earned $1200.00 in one day with Adsense on one of my sites. Allow me to tell you there are some massive websites that make that amount daily but my websites are niche sites that don’t appeal to mass audiences but I have learned to utilize my site to reach the widest audience. Here are some quick tips for you to increase your income for your small business online. This story is not a recommendation from Google it’s from my own experience. Click “Next” for the next tip

1. Placement of Banners

This is where extremely important. your banners should be placed CLOSE to the content. In my experience, a 468 banner between the title and content. The second one should be close to the last paragraph.