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Magic 92.5 Radio DJ Launches New App To Catch Telemarketers


Have you ever got an annoying phone call from an unknown number and answered it and it turned out to be a Telemarketer?  Now every time you get a phone call from an unknown number you just ignore it.  Well that’s what happened to DJ R Dub but that unknown phone call was not a Telemarketer it was the hospital calling to tell him that his mother had been in a car accident.  Thankfully, she was okay but the hospital had been trying to call him for 2 days straight and when he finally checked his voicemail he received the horrific news.  

R Dub hopes that no one will ever have to go through an experience like he did so he has now founded the Americans Against Call Spam Callers.

“AACS is a not-for-profit organization with a very specific purpose: to hold companies responsible for their illegal and unethical practices of illegal telemarketing,” said R Dub. “By doing just a little digging, it’s not hard to find out which companies are behind these robocalls and illegal telemarketing practices that have been spreading like wildfire, all while hiding behind fake phone numbers.”

AASC website has a list of “scum callers” or telemarketing companies that violate telemarketing laws.  In addition the organization provides tactics to catch these spam callers in action including a special app that records calls from these spammers.

“The problem is, if you go right in and demand to know what company they are calling from, they hang right up. They know what they’re doing is highly illegal and they know you’re trying to bust them, so they run away like the cockroaches they are. And they’ve spoofed the number, so they’ve essentially disappeared. You have no recourse. Our goal is make them think they’re about to get a sale, so they feel comfortable with releasing info about their company. Once we know who’s behind the call, we can begin filing our official complaints and violations. Finding out the real company name is the hardest part, once that’s done, it’s all procedural work.”

Many legitimate American companies make the mistake of purchasing customer leads from third-party companies calling consumers illegally. AASC launched their first official claim this week against the Temecula, California based Horizon Solar.

“In the case of Horizon Solar, we basically call the offending company [Horizon] and offer to help them rectify the situation. This includes supplying us with all of the information about the agency they’re getting the illegal customer leads from. Think about it like nabbing the street-level corner drug pusher–you’re using them to get to the big guy.”

AASC also charges companies an administration fee, which R Dub says is used to cover costs.

R Dub says he doesn’t expect every company to cooperate. “It’s up to them whether they want to help; we certainly give them that option first. If they ignore our requests or aren’t helpful, we use all of our resources to prosecute, including working with our partners at the FTC, FCC and local BBB. We also inform the public. In 2017 it’s not hard to spread the word using avenues like Yelp, Angies List, Facebook, etc.”

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