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Luv & Hip Hop Star Yalee Admits Getting Underage Girls Drunk

YaleeUrban artists affiliated with hip hop music culture are notorious for getting caught up in all sorts of problems. Yalee, is a talented new star featured on LuvAndHipHop.com who is creating the types of problems any new artist would love to have. Though Yalee, who is 22 years old openly admits to getting females under the legal age drunk, he says he does so without the use of drugs or alcohol.

“For me it’s all about a natural high and because my swag is so powerful ladies tend to wake up with a after spending time with me,” says Yalee. The video for Hangover https://youtu.be/TTisVoDcikE is being well received on YouTube and demonstrates how Yalee uses his swag to get the people going.

The song “Hangover” was produced by Ty Jamz, written by Yalee and is the first single off the Luvstep & Hip Hop soundtrack available at https://LuvAndHipHop.com.

The Luvstep & Hip Hop movie soundtrack is collaborative effort between Deetown Entertainment, D2R LIVE and music legend Nile Rodgers. The soundtrack for $4.99 on iTunes.

Proceeds from each sale are being donated to the We Are Family Foundation to help American families that have been victimized by terrorism and natural disasters. The project also serves as a platform to create more opportunities for and entrepreneurs.

For more info about this groundbreaking movement and forthcoming movie go to https://D2RLIVE.com

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