Love Mansuy Releases New Documentary Short (Món-Swee) On Warner Records


Today, Montreal-born, New Jersey-raised artist Love Mansuy (his birth given name; pronounced “mon-swee”) has released a new documentary short titled (món-swee) that follows the singer-songwriter back home to the place that shaped him.

Premiered today in tandem with his (món-swee) Side B EP, the documentary finds Love excavating his past in order to make sense of the present and was shot by Love’s childhood friend Quran Squire.

Titled after his surname, the (món-swee) EP is split into two sides (A and B), showing the dynamism in Love’s sound and story. (món-swee) Side A features appearances from Love’s son Carter Mansuy, Liv.e and Lil Wayne as Love contemplates on fatherhood and partnership. The project also includes Quran Squire-shot videos for tracks “I’ll Be There” (feat. Carter Mansuy) and “Thrill” (feat. Liv.e).

On (món-swee) Side B, Love taps into the nostalgia of his childhood, reminiscing about more carefree times before he became a father, hanging out with his cousins in New Jersey and enjoying the ecstasy of youthful self-discovery. Musically on Side B, Love pays homage to some of his early musical influences, including everything from Coldplay to Adele and even Paramore. Those references radiate on Side B songs “When We Were Kids” and “Saturdays.”

This new music from Love Mansuy is a dawn of a new creative journey, showcasing a more diverse palette of sound as Love reimagines masculinity and fatherhood by exploring vulnerability, desire, companionship, self-care and meditations on reconnecting with his own father, childhood and family. On Tuesday, Love performed songs from the (món-swee) EP on Bandsintown Live.

Side A:

  1. Entertainment
  2. Thrill (feat. Liv.e)
  3. Calm Me Down
  4. Count On You (feat. Lil Wayne)
  5. I’ll Be There (feat. Carter Mansuy)

Side B:

  1. Tuesday Evening Flow
  2. When We Were Kids
  3. Same Way
  4. Saturday
  5. Four Seasons


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