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Look Who Voters Want as Nominees besides Reggie Rouse, Skip Dillard and…

skip dillardSeveral major, medium and small market PDs have already voted. They know how important this contest is… do you?


We are still getting calls from all of our previous contest for resume’s and plaques. If you are in a major market don’t think you will automatically win, we do not believe in that here. We want to give ALL programmers a chance to win. Time is running out to vote for our final Nominees that will be announced next week. VOTE NOW you MUST be an industry person to vote and you can vote for yourself.   Send this code to ALL of your industry contacts (between the dotted lines) GOOD LUCK.


Greetings”¦. I need your support for the 1st Annual 2012 Radio Facts Top 10 Urban (or Top 10 Urban AC) Programmers. It would mean a lot to me if you would click this link and vote for me. Thanks in advance https://radiofacts.com/formforrf.html


Reggie Rouse is doing it consistently in ATL

Doc Wynter – Simply the best

George Cook is smart when it comes to programming!   He has great ideas, is very creative, extends feedback to jock who don’t even work for him, knows PPM & Arbitron in & out, is innovative, returns calls, ect……

Jeff Anderson he is amazing!

Skip Dillard focused…..fair…..and a winner

Jeff “Uzi-D” Anderson has a knack for putting pieces together to take nothing and turning it into something….now that’s a programming gift!!!

Hurricane Dave! He is a programming beast who isn’t afraid to go against the grain and take a chance on new records. At the same time he isn’t too cool to shy away against the club scene and the local artist scene!


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