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LL Cool J Has Been a Savvy Entrepreneur for Decades, He Owns All of His Masters and … (video)

Black men have been up against a wall by society but it’s a damn shame when we BUILD that wall. The iconic LL Cool J makes a great point in this video on Sway’s Universe. Back in the day, it was actually looked DOWN on if you were a young black rapper with entrepreneur aspirations. So rappers didn’t talk about owning their masters or being entrepreneurs back then.

It takes me back to black boys having to play down being smart in school and having to be disruptive and ignorant in order to be accepted.  I need a minute to process some of the really stupid sh we come up within our own community………. OK, I’m done, but I still don’t understand.

It’s unfortunate that brothers like LL kept their business acumen secret, we might have a lot more black male entrepreneurs today instead of a closet full of sneaker collections. We learn from each other, so take the stage, lead by example and teach. To get to the part where he talks about business, skip past the yadda yadda and go to the 12:00 point.


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