NEW DEALS: Latin Hip Hop Film Filly Brown to Premiere at Sundance

 width= For 15 years, the radio show Pocos Pero Locos has broadcast Latin hip-hop from Los Angeles to the world. With the 2012 Sundance Film Festival’s selection of Filly Brown, the music and culture showcased on-air by radio personality Lisa “Khool Aid” Rios, and her partner, producer Edward “E-Dub” Rios, is central to the feature film. Their company, Silent Giant Entertainment (along with Cima Productions and Olmos Productions), produced the drama starring Gina Rodriguez and Jenni Rivera. Rounding out the cast are Lou Diamond Phillips and Edward James Olmos in their first-on screen pairing since the milestone Stand and Deliver. Edward James Olmos is so authentic for the people. He is our icon,” says Khool Aid. As Latin superstar Jenni Rivera who has guested on Pocos Pero Locos, was initially cast by Khool Aid in the role of Maria Tonorio. But ultimately, it was Olmos who convinced Jenni Rivera to take the role.With music as its centerpiece, Filly Brown extends a cultural initiative to a new generation and the Pocos Pero Locos radio show is key to the onscreen drama. Khool Aid also makes her big-screen acting debut.Balancing a musical career with the financial needs of the family is central to the drama. The title character’s relationship with her imprisoned mother also adds a captivating and poignant storyline. The film also includes musical authenticity of Pocos Pero Locos artists Baby Bash, Chingo Bling, B Millz, Diamonique and Cuete Yeska. The film is directed by Youssef Delara and Michael D. Olmos, and executive produced by Edward James Olmos, Kevin Smith, and Homa Soroor.Khool Aid and E-Dub, music and broadcast veterans, have now expanded their media empire to feature films. Their long time business affairs, entertainment attorney Helen Yu says, “In the 15 years I’ve represented Khool Aid and E-Dub, their creative vision and ability to execute that vision into reality is like none other.”For Khool Aid and E-Dub, the film signifies a significant shift from the streets to the cinema for the signature brand of Latin hip-hop that Pocos Pero Locos has championed since the early 1990’s. “This is much more than simply a Sundance film,” says E-Dub. “It is 15 years in the making of a movement.”

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