Late “8 Mile” Actress Brittany Murphy, was looking forward to starting a family in 2010

59048911keverix12202009113255PMThis is a most unfortunate story. Actress Brittany Murphy, 32, died of cardiac arrest this morning (December 20) in Los Angeles, California. She had just gotten married in 2007 and stated just a few weeks ago that she was looking forward to starting a family next year. Murphy began her career in TV sitcoms before breaking out alongside Alicia Silverstone in the hit 1995 comedy “Clueless.” She starred in such films as “Girl, Interrupted,” “Drop Dead Gorgeous,” “8 Mile,” “Sin City,” “Just Married,” “Uptown Girls,” “Don’t Say a Word” and “Happy Feet.” Murphy also voiced Luanne on all 13 seasons of the hit animated series “King of the Hill.”

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