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KS 1075/Denver Welcomes Toshamakia to Middays


Toshamakia is a ball of positive energy and it shows across the airwaves. She started in radio in Connecticut then Philadelphia, later Sirus Xm, to NC’s 102 Jamz where is she #1 in the Afternoons! 

Toshamakia is excited about now being heard in Denver Colorado on KS 1075 Mid-days 10-3pm! The announcement was made Wednesday and the support on social media has been  for her!

Toshamakia is a survivor of domestic violence, bullying, and molestation. 

She uses her personal story to help empower others by letting them know that they are not alone and are worthy of respect and love. 

She has also personally assisted many victims in getting out of abusive relationships.

Toshamakia is positive, fun, motivating, edgy, unfiltered, and a voice for teens and women everywhere. 

She creates trends that many follow and is every girl’s best friend on and off the Radio. Being involved in the community is very important to her. Speaking to the young girls, mentoring them, and showing them the difference between control, love, worth, and most importantly education is huge passion of hers. 

You can now catch Toshamakia Middays Monday – Friday 10am & Saturdays 11-3pm – 3pm on KS 1075!


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