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Kobalt CTO Discusses Tech Horizons In Music Industry

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Music Week Tech Summit 2018
In advance of his keynote at the Music Week Tech Summit, Kobalt’s chief technology officer Rian Liebenberg opened up to discuss what’s next for technology and the digital revolution:’We are still at the early stages of understanding how technology can be leveraged to simplify distribution at global scale. There are still under-served regions where new or existing fans can be reached more easily, and likewise for new artists to be discovered. There are some great innovations on the horizon that will increase access, usage and drive volume. VR and voice are two great exles.’Liebenberg was appointed to CTO of Kobalt in June of this year. Kobalt Music Group was founded in 2000 by CEO Willard Ahdritz. Its primary service is as an administrative publishing company that also offers label services, built around an online portal to allow artists to manage their rights and royalties directly.Liebenberg discussed the technological innovations Kobalt brings to the industry:’Kobalt is unique… It’s the only company that’s built the technology infrastructure to track the billions of microtransactions and fix all the royalty payment inefficiencies in the music industry. Our approach has empowered creators, and we’ll continue to invest in technology and products to help artists and songwriters thrive in the digital age.’The Music Week Tech Summit takes place at The O2 on Wednesday, September 26th. 

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