KKDA AM Sold, Off The Air


KKDA AM Sold, Off The Air

A Korean radio company has purchased KKDA-AM and the Radio Station is now off the air. The sale became official yesterday 1/1/13. There is said to be people in the black community in Dallas who are dismayed because they were not aware of the sale or an opportunity to keep the Radio Station as an Black outlet. Other sources state Childs did reach out to the black community to buy the Radio Station but no one could get the funding for the $1.9 million Hymen sold it for. Another source, a community activist, claims that he knew someone(s) who wanted to buy the Radio Station but was not made aware of the sale until ‘after’ the contract was signed. Hymen negotiated the sale very quietly. It’s all speculation at this point and we will try to get more info from Mr. Childs this week.

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