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Kevin’s Summary: SADE, Pleasure P, Katt Williams, Biggest Loser, 2010

penniescopy-2forpodI can’t believe another midweek has crept up on me and with that, I have been on the road this week working on a project and I love it. I like being in new environments as my creative vibe requires I see changes often to keep my perspective fresh.

The Pleasure P situation was a no go for me from gate. I didn’t believe it. I also got a letter from Katt Williams’ attorney when I ran a story on him filing and Power 106 in LA talked about it on the Big Boy morning show NATIONALLY referencing as the source. Turns out, the story was not true and I didn’t do my diligence in a very easy call to verify the situation, I trusted another news source that later confessed they got the story from disgruntled former employees.   Lesson learned.

Saying that someone is a child molester is a very serious accusation and it’s some shit you need to be SURE about before you say it or run it. I was not sure. The way it happened was too sketchy and I refused to do like many other blogs and sites did and run the story for the hell of it.  I’m glad I followed my instinct since the allegations are not true.

I watched the Biggest Loser last night after all the hoopla and I’m not a big TV watcher but the show was great. I know that I can lose weight really fast (30 pounds in a month on average) when I’m running everyday and watching the food intake but one guy lost 40 pounds in a WEEK! YIKES. That is WAY too fast for the body to recover… can you say hanging skin? You could tell a majority of the contestants had body girdles on but what a lot of people don’t realize is your chances of having hanging skin is a lot less if you lose the weight slowly (2 to 3 pounds a week) and you exercise.  A lot of the people who get weight loss surgery are lazy and they think that losing weight is all they have to do and they don’t exercise, then they get a body like a hot raisin.

I’m excited about 2010 and I have some big plans. I need the down time for the industry break to get acclimated. Hope all is well with you.


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