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KEVIN’S SUMMARY: 1 800 (FOOK)UPS, “Old” as(s) in Urban? Has Living Died

 width=There has been an immense hiring freeze on urban radio talent under 30 for the last decade (or more). Most people in management positions in urban today are my age or older. It’s time to open those doors again. There are too many ancient syndication hosts, for example… yeah I said it…. AND??? Who can be convinced that there is no young talent out there with their OWN teeth and a full head of hair under 40, that can’t do a successful syndicated show? You never know till you give it a try. By the way, the picture of me is old, I’m bigger than this now.Liver and OnionsLiver and OnionsPeople say that once radio is in your blood, things never change?   Is that right? I missed that bus cause I’ve NEVER felt that way. I was a PD 20 years ago and didn’t pursue it because I wanted to live in LA   and didn’t want to live out of a suitcase. In all honesty, I don’t see how you guys do this sh…. How do you ever establish roots when you constantly move? Do programmers constantly live in fear of losing their jobs these days too? (OK that’s rhetorical) I have not been on the air since 2001 and I don’t miss it at ALL. I enjoy sitting on this mountain and talking sh…. Am I wrong for that?   Perhaps it’s because I have always felt that I should be IN the spotlight instead of spotlighting someone else. I need to know… is there a support group for people like me?Liver and OnionsNEVER and I mean NEVER use Fed-Ex or UPS to ship boxes with personal items in it…. NEVER! They will go through your sh…, take what they want and re-tape the box (if they feel like it). Fooking thieves. You would think both companies would have better security but they don’t and your sh… will get stolen. Use Greyhound, it’s cheaper and there’s less hand ling of the boxes AND it will get to you quicker. I used them once and had no complaints about them.DAMMIT! I said Liver and Onions!Why do I have a taste for something I absolutely hated as a kid. I keep thinking Liver and Onions? Why? Liver, Onions and Brown Rice. I think I will have that sh… today after the gym.Life is GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAT (like I’m Tony the Tiger… whatever happened to him? Was he laid off?)I’m going to school full time now. Wish me luck (planning for life after the industry)Be wellKevin



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