Kevin Hart Greatly Dissapointed in Friend who Tried to Extort Money

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radiofacts.comComedian Kevin Hart is probably not trusting a lot of people right now after discovering that it was a former friend of 15 years, Johnathan Jackson, 41, was the one who filmed that sex scene in Vegas a few months back then attempted to extort money from Hart in exchange for his silence. Jackson co-starred with Hart in Steve Harvey’s movie franchise “Think Like a Man Too” in 2014.Initially, Hart who had a PR and personal nightmare to contend with, as he had an upcoming project and his wife was pregnant at the time, thought the girl in the film, Montia Sabbag, was trying to extort money for him. Prosecutors in LA charged Jackson who remains in custody with $100,000 bail. Guess he won’t be calling Kevin to help him out. Jackson was brilliant enough to send Hart a letter (see below) with the failed requests for money from blogs and news organizations which later turned into evidence, of course. If convicted he is facing up to four years in prison. A blind man can clearly see there is more to this story.via TMZ



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